Cocaine Use Signs
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Signs of Cocaine Use

Signs of cocaine use, if known, can be easy to spot and help in the prevention of cocaine addiction. Some things to look for are:
  • change in activity levels and sleeping patterns
  • long periods of being awake without rest
  • Blood shot eyes due to constricted blood vessels
  • Rapid Speech
  • Sniffing or runny nose
  • Hyper-Alertness
  • white powder like substance on face or clothing
  • small scoops or items to do "bumps" from
  • Razor blades for cutting lines
  • Rolled dollars to use like a straw for snorting. White powder residue may be evident on money used for this purpose.
  • Small plastic baggies or "seals" used to hold cocaine
  • Straws cut into 2-3 inch long sections used for snorting
By identifying any of these signs of cocaine use, you may be able to identify the problem and intervene before cocaine addiction sets in.

Cocaine Use Signs
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